Once the challenges and opportunities are identified, the Action Plan invariably
revolves around "Getting the Message Out." The consultants at IR Counsel
have a long history of getting the message out effectively.

We can help you:

  • Craft the Message – the first step is to distill your company’s story and identify
    your Key Messages. These will be the core of your IR package and your IR presentation.
    IR Counsel can help you make the most of both of these vehicles – and suggest new
    ways to present your Key Messages.
  • Deliver the Message – IR Counsel will coach your spokespersons to be effective and
    convincing advocates for your company. Your key people will benefit from our
    Presentation Training and Media Training.
  • Reach the Audience – being ready and willing to present the message isn’t enough.
    You need to have an interested and receptive audience. IR Counsel can develop
    those audiences by building an effective Media Relations program, by targeting
    investors and setting up productive Investor Meetings, and by helping you get the
    most out of the events that are already on your calendar, such as the Annual Meeting.