At its most basic, any Investor Relations program is about one thing, and one
thing only: keeping in touch with shareholders and potential shareholders.
IR Counsel will help you make the most of the tools at your disposal – and some
new ones – to be in constant touch with your investors. Here are some of the
ways we can help.

  • The IR Website – a core strength of the consulting team at IR Counsel. Make
    your IR website a more effective, and more timely, way to reach investors – and
    save money and effort in the process.
  • Earnings releases – eliminate the annoying misinterpretations of your results by
    ensuring that they are clearly presented and communicated to your shareholders.
    The consultants at IR Counsel pride themselves on their ability to write clearly and
    concisely – and make complicated subjects easy to understand.
  • Quarterly Reports, Annual Reports, Information Circulars and other statutory
    reports – IR Counsel can help you make the most of each of these tools to
    promote understanding of your company and its performance. Our consultants
    have completed dozens of annual reports over the years for companies big and
    small. Let us help you with your next annual report.