As a first step in every assignment, IR Counsel asks its clients to take the time to
step back, review and analyze the situation carefully. One cannot craft an Investor
Relations Plan or a Communications Plan from the outside looking in. Often, it is only
after we are engaged that detailed objectives can be set out, because new priorities
may emerge as part of the Diagnosis stage. We use a variety of tools to diagnose
your situation and prescribe a cure, including:

  • The CAT Scan – IR Counsel will perform a Client Agency Team scan at the start of
    every mandate and at various intervals during our working relationship. Together,
    following a structured process we have developed, our consultants and your
    management team will explore the challenges and opportunities your company faces,
    and set the objectives and develop the action plan that will achieve your investor
    relations goals.
  • Peer Group Surveys – as part of the planning stage, we may need to define more
    clearly who are your peers, and how are they perceived in comparison to yourselves.
    IR Counsel will provide thorough analysis and insight through these and other kinds
    of perception research studies.
  • Gap Analysis – sometimes it is not enough to find out what management thinks, or
    what The Street thinks. It is the gap in perceptions that is important. IR Counsel uses
    Gap Analysis to formulate an action plan for your company.
  • Competitive Intelligence – IR Counsel will monitor your competition, and use these
    findings to improve your company’s Investor Relations program.