It doesn’t happen every day, but when your organization is faced with an
extraordinary situation, you will need extraordinary help to handle it effectively.
Call on IR Counsel to provide added experience and helping hands when you
need them most. Here are some of the situations we have handled in the past,
and can help your company with in the future.

  • IPOs – from roadshow presentations to the complicated logistics of staging
    effective meetings in the financial capitals of North America, Europe and Asia,
    IR Counsel can provide the assistance you need.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – no matter which side of the deal your company is on,
    you will need to re-think your Key Messages and how and what you say to
    shareholders and the media. IR Counsel can help you through this stressful
    period in your company’s existence.
  • Proxy Battles/Shareholder Activism – shareholders want to be heard. They aren’t
    likely to be content to sit back and let management have its say, so you’d better be
    ready when a dissident group challenges your actions. IR Counsel can help you
    persuade the majority of shareholders that your actions are for the good
    of the company.